The Z300B Z-filter is a revolutionary de watering and filtering system that is continuous and self-cleaning. It separates the solids phase from the liquid phase resulting in dry, manageable filter-cake and clean, recyclable filtrate. It relies upon its filtering element (the filter-sock) to enclose and trap the suspended solids while allowing that material to be de-watered.

The Z-Filter is a compact, portable and high throughput system, easily adaptable across different industries and applications.

  • Continuous process thickening and de-watering
  • Capacity of between 1m3/h and 30m3/h
  • Portable and self-contained
  • Low power draw
  • Low wash water usage
  • Quick & easy to setup
  • Safe & simple to operate
  • Unique, patented filter-sock eliminates spillages
  • Can operate with or without flocculation
  • No minimum solids-content feed requirement
  • Fully guarded in compliance with ISO standards
  • Also available in stainless steel